Beyond Next offers an array of services beneficial to organizations of all sizes and endeavors. We bring enterprise level experience to the table that can complement your current team with specific projects, support, design validation, and testing.

Services we provide:

Complementary IT

We work with your IT department on projects where the existing workload is overbearing for the current team members. We have worked along side teams so they can offload tasks to us as a team member without having to train us on the product. It's a quick and easy way to temporarily add members to a team without the overhead of hiring full time employees or training existing personnel.

Supplemental IT

Beyond Next is often contracted to head projects from start to finish to help reduce the costs related to technology deployments. It is often more cost and time effective to outsource a project versus hiring a team of full-time employees. It can also be more cost effective than training existing staff, who are often covered up with multiple other projects and duties, on a new platform or technology.

Although not necessary and sometimes not possible due to workloads, we highly encourage members of the IT staff to work along with us so they get a thorough understanding of how the system is designed, how it works, how to properly administer, and how to maintain the system. We provide knowlege transfer through any combination of training, mentoring, and documentation of the project.

Outsourced IT

Many SMB organizations simply don't have the time or manpower required to effectively manage their IT needs. There are two approaches that seem to be common here:
  • Outsource all IT - Popular for organizations who would rather focus on the needs and goals of the business, allowing us to fully relieve them from their IT burden. You focus on growing your business while we ensure the tehcnology runs smoothly and adapts to your needs.
  • Outsourced Services - Popular for organizations with a small or understaffed IT department, we fully manage and support critical services such as email, virtualization, and many others. This allows your team to focus on their strengths without being burdened with a complex system.